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We welcome new clients and encourage everyone to try our variety of spa services including full facials, manicures, and scalp treatments with massage.

About The Kaufman Clinic Team

The busy clinic, open to the public for services, is maintained for instruction in successful marketing of talents and skills developed. A wide-range of services is scheduled as skills continue to improve and are evaluated. Every opportunity is offered for practical application of skills and client relations and to encourage advancement of professional skills to fullest potential and desired achievement.

Services and Price List


Thank-you for assisting in providing educational opportunity for our students. Prices are based on supply and overhead cost for the greatest possible savings to you and abundant opportunity for our students. Children and guests welcome if having services performed. No child care or waiting facilities available. Due to state regulation, students must leave by 5 pm. Please arrange appointments and transportation accordingly.

CALL 266-5531 Tuesday-Saturday for appointments.

(Prices effective Jan. 1, 2003)


  Short Hair Medium Length Long Hair
Shampoo Set, Pin Curls or Blow Dry $7 $10 $12
Hard Set $10 $15 $20
Spiral Curls $13 $20 $25
Shampoo only $3 $5 $7
Wrap (style extra) $9 $15 $20
Curling or flat Iron (blow dry or set extra) $7 $10 $15
Just bangs or ends $2/bump ends $4
Crimping $10 $20 $30
Fingerwaves all over $20 or $5 per wave in addition to set
Twists $5 for front or $25 all over + blow dry or set
Braids $5 per braid
Up-do $25 and up (includes dry style only, shampoo set extra)
Scalp Treatment (style extra) $10 or $15 if more product needed
Wig cleaning & styling $20-40
Manicure $8 with parrafin $12 just polish change $3 ($4.50 french)
French manicure $10 Sculptured nails, tips, wraps, gel $20 Fill In $15
Pedicure $18 with parrafin $25.50 .
Facial with mask $15.00
Make-up $7 and up (more for special or costume make-up)
Eyebrow Arch $7. Wax $7 per area
PERMS AND RELAXERS (all include cut and $6 style)
Perm $25--$60 Long hair, Spiral or Piggyback $65 & up
Ebony Curl $55
Relaxer $25–45
COLOR (price per application, style and cut extra)
Color Rinse $1
Pre-Softening $10
Permanent Color $17
Semi-permanent Color $20
Bleach $20–40
Color weaving or frost with cap $30 and up
Foil Weaving Full Head $65 and up
Color Remover or Filler $10
Added to regular price of service as requested

Service prices include one application of standard products. More or special products entail additional supply fee. Many products are also available for retail sale but must be taken home. There is no storage space for patron-owned products. Per application prices are based on bulk prices afforded schools. It will almost always be more cost-effective to pay for products each time you come in rather than buy the whole bottle at retail price.

Shampoos Botanic Shampoo, Aloe Rid, Simply Silver, Therapy, Hydrating Shampoo $1.00

Conditioners: $1.00 - $10.00

Application of conditioners provided by patrons $3.00 if under a dryer

Styling products — Hair sprays $.50 Mousses and gels - $1.00

Please try our wide range of services. We appreciate your patronage and confidence in the skills and professionalism of our students and want to provide students every opportunity to expand abilities and knowledge. However, to prevent inconvenience to you and teach students the professional, safe and efficient way to handle patron relations, please recognize certain policies and procedures are necessary.

Students are scheduled to perform services for which they have proven ready and instructors have confidence in their abilities to adequately serve your needs. However, instructors will be checking with you and them to insure suggestions for improvement are understood. We encourage requests for specific students as a way to promote necessary client retention skills, however, substitutions and other suggestions may be made to accommodate your schedule as availability and educational needs of the students require. If the student you request has completed all requirements for the service you request, someone else will be recommended so all students will meet experience goals.

Appointments must be scheduled according to services for proper time to be allotted. "Style" is not specific enough. Please ask for specific type of style and/or preparation (blow-dry or set) when making appointments to insure best quality and efficiency of services. Schedule all services when making appointments, such as cut with set, permanent color with blow-dry, or blow-dry with cut, etc. Any change to appointments must be approved through front desk before beginning to estimate student has enough time to do service.


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