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Kaufman Beauty School offers instruction and certification in Cosmetology, Nail Technology and Apprentice Instructor. Click the following links to learn more about each program:Cosmetology, Nail Technology, Apprentice Instructor.

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Enrollment & Graduation

Enrollment Agreement

Student agrees to abide by all rules in effect or which may become effective during enrollment. Upon graduation, student will be eligible to apply for the Kentucky State Board of Hairdressers and Cosmetologists licensing examination. Student agrees to attend as scheduled or furnish a reasonable and acceptable excuse. Only hours for which the student has actually been in attendance will be recognized by the Kentucky State Board of Hairdressers and Cosmetologists. The student agrees all tuition and fees shall be paid prior to final examination.

Graduation Requirements

Graduation may be achieved as follows:

Cosmetology 1800 10 1/2 - 18 19 - 30
Nail Technology 600 3 1/2 - 6 7 - 14
Apprentice Instructor 1000 6- 18 18

Students must pass classes (theory and practical) within required hours. Theory grades are determined by written exams. Practical grades are earned through assignments and exams. Clinical grades are determined by clinic instructors.

Grading System

  • 100-95 A EXCELLENT
  • 94-88 B VERY GOOD
  • 87-80 C AVERAGE
  • 79-75 D PASSING ONLY

Before completion of the required hours, students must pass a science and practical final exam with a grade of 75% or better.

Graduation, Licensing & Placement

Before earning a diploma, a final exam must be passed on all aspects of the course, science and practical. Administration of exam is provided at no cost, however, if it must be rescheduled, due to unpreparedness, failure, or other cause, it will include a fee of $25 for each portion (science and/or practical). Graduation enables application to the Kentucky State Board of Hairdressers and Cosmetologists for licensing examination. Assistance in licensing, fulfillment of continuing education requirements, and placement is available to all students from the time of enrollment until no longer requested.

Kaufman now offers a Finding Employment Workshop that includes information on correctly building your resume', what questions to ask during a job interview, and other "need to know" job hunting skills.

Certification and State Examination

Upon completion of the course of study, a diploma will be issued certifying the school’s requirements have been met and graduate may apply for examination by the Kentucky State Board of Hairdressers and Cosmetologists (held every month except July and August.) This examination consists of a written theory test and a practical exam for which the student must provide a model.

Attendance Policy

Tardiness and chronic absenteeism is not tolerated. Students must be in school and prepared to begin on time. The school does not grant leaves as such. Students are excused only for valid reasons, such as confining illness, death in family, or extreme emergencies. By Kentucky State Board of Hairdressers and Cosmetologists regulation, absence of ten consecutive days is cause for withdrawal regardless of circumstance. Re-enrollment includes fee for registration. If student does not complete required hours within allotted time, extension incurs additional tuition due by the date of expected completion as per contract.

Progress Policy

Progress reports are provided students each month outlining progress in science, practical, clinic participation and attendance. Students are required to maintain at least 75% in grades for continued enrollment. Violation of Satisfactory Progress policy may result in probation, suspension, or termination and federal financial aid may be suspended. In the event of dismissal, the termination policy will be followed.


Students who violate rules and regulations of the Kentucky State Board of Hairdressers and Cosmetologists or the school may be subject to suspension or dismissal. The school does not deduct earned credit hours or assign additional hours when a student is dismissed. Failure to attend class and maintain satisfactory progress or violation of rules is cause for dismissal.

Tuition, Fees & Supplies

  • Cosmetology Course — $9200
  • Nail Technology Course — $3000
  • Apprentice Instructor Course — $5000
  • Registration for all courses is $100.

All students are required to have a Kaufman lab coat ($50), and textbooks (Cosmetology $100, Nail Technology $50) which may be purchased from the school bookstore on campus. Nail Technology students are required to have manicuring kit ($100) and artificial nail supplies ($200) which may be purchased from the school bookstore. Cosmetology students are issued kits for use when promoted to patron service. It is the responsibility of the student to maintain and return these kits if the student does not complete the course. The student is also responsible for replacing any items lost or broken. When the student graduates, the kit he/she has used is given to him/her as a gift from the school.


Students are required to wear exclusively black clothes and shoes of such style, length and material to be professionally acceptable in cosmetology. No shorts are allowed. Estimates of average cost of purchasing clothes for school is $250. Students are required to wear a Kaufman lab coat and nametag. Students must maintain professional appearance through personal hygiene and moderation of cosmetics, perfumes, accessories and hairstyles. The school reserves the right to determine what is considered acceptable professional appearance.

Terms of Payment

Books and supplies are paid for as purchased (no refunds.) Registration fee is due when student signs contract. All financial aid must first be applied toward the balance due until account is paid in full, and then disbursed to the student. Payment plans are available. Regardless of application for financial aid, each student is solely responsible for his/her indebtedness and all tuition and fees must be paid prior to taking exam.

Refund Policy

Applicants not accepted are entitled to a full refund. If enrollment is cancelled in writing by student or legal guardian and a refund is requested within 3 school days of signing contract, tuition and registration will be refunded. Cancellation date is postmark or receipt if written document is given in person. Policy applies regardless of whether student has begun training. The following schedule of refunds is authorized for students who begin training:

Percentage of enrollment time
to total time of course
Amount of total tuition due
plus termination fee
0.01 % TO 4.9% 20 % + $100
5.00 % TO 9.9% 30 % + $100
10.00 % TO 14.9% 40 % + $100
15.00 % TO 24.9% 45 % + $100
25.00 % TO 49.9% 70 % + $100
50.00 % AND OVER 100% + $100

Enrollment time is defined as the number of clock hours earned up to last day of attendance. If student fails to formally withdraw, termination occurs after student is absent ten consecutive days. Refunds will be done within 30 days after cancellation or termination.

For first time students who have received Federal Financial Aid, the Return of Federal Funds calculation will be applied to Federal Funds received (% of Federal Funds retained is equal to % of completion of that payment period) and then the above refund will be applied. All students are responsible for cost of course regardless of any financial aid for which they may be eligible.

When they apply, refunds will be disbursed in the following order:

  1. Federal Stafford Loan Program
  2. Federal Pell Grant Program
  3. State funded programs(JTPA, Vocational Rehabilitation)
  4. Student

Examples of refund calculations are available to the student upon request. In circumstances beyond student’s control (such as death) the student shall be entitled to consideration and the school will make a settlement which is reasonable and fair. If school permanently closes and is no longer offering instruction after student enrolls, student shall be entitled to pro rata refund of tuition. If a course is cancelled subsequent to student’s enrollment, the school shall at its option:

  1. Provide full refund
  2. Provide completion at this or another school


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