Student Services

The Kaufman student services department includes:

  • Licensing and Job Placement
  • Assistance in applying for Financial Aid
  • Counseling

Employment Services

Kaufman job placement assistance is available to students and alumni. Kaufman cultivates its ongoing relationships within the cosmetology community and is proud of its successful introduction of quality graduates in to professional positions. However, employment cannot be guaranteed, it must be pursued.

Financial Aid

The Kaufman Financial Aid Department privately counsels each student as to eligibility for various aid and assists with applications for all funds available.

  • Veteran and War Orphans

    Kaufman maintains a policy for the unused portion of tuition and fees and eligible charges in the event a veteran or orphan fails to enter or withdraws at any time prior to completion of the course of study. The policy provides the amount charged an individual shall not exceed the approximate pro rata portion the course bears to its total length.

  • Rehabilitation Program

    Applicants referred by Kentucky Department of Education Bureau of Rehabilitation Service may be accepted provided they show genuine aptitude for the field and meet all requirements of admission. Acceptance is at the discretion of the school.

Student Counseling

Students’ daily activities are monitored for satisfactory progress. Frequent private counselling encourages students to meet scheduled graduation dates and reach the full potential of their abilities and goals. Referrals are also made to professional agencies which may be of assistance with personal problems.

Students are encouraged to attend Kaufman "Finding Employment Workshop." You will be shown how to correctly built your resume', what questions you should ask a potential employer during your interview, and many other "need to know" items. All Kaufman graduates are welcome to attend this workshop.



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